Comer hunt

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Well folks the Comer hunt is now in the history books. Needles to say it is my favorite hunt. The people in and around Comer are the friendliest and best all round people I have ever been associated with. I will give you just one (out of many)example if you will spare me the time. DONNIE CLEMENTS (I hope I spelled his name right) a volunteer guide (and one of my closest friends) drove from Elberton to Gainesville to pick me up so that I could attend the hunt in Comer. I sure hope some of your friends would do the same for you. We saw deer but we were holding out for the big buck so we could win the rifle that was donated to be given to the hunter with the biggest buck. Our luck for harvesting the "big one" ran out at dusk on Saturday. Donnie spotted an ear movement so I waited until I saw the doe. Another appeared then another. We waited patiently for the buck to appear but to no avail. Donnie said that if I was to shoot a deer now was the time. So I harvested two of the three and the rest is history. I personally would like to thank Cory Clements (land owner) for donating his time, land and effort so that the handicapped can hunt on his property.

It goes without saying that if those kind people who volunteered their time and the land owners who donated their land this hunt would not take place.

I have taken up a lot of your time so I will close with a big THANK YOU to all who participated. Kirk and Tim and Chris your
efforts did not go unnoticed.
Thank you all.

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