Comfortable Deer Stand

I've quit using climbers as a result of having bad knees, but if you could find a Brent Hunt Trophy Whitetail stand that someone is selling, you won't find a more comfortable or safe stand, especially the face the tree models, they aren't made anymore, but you can still find them from time to time, I sold my last two about 3yrs ago.
Here is a picture taken from my stand... I am not sure it will help explain, but I have a lot of room between me an the tree. I am leaning my back against the rail (added padding) on the upper section of the stand. My day pack is attached to the tree between my feet. I am sitting on an additional cusion. I can use the tree to lean against for a shot. My rifle rests in ready position across the rail of my stand. 4B0DCF6F-6440-4118-87DB-8996F2ACD112.jpeg Over my left should is my primary killzone.
I have hunted from a Summit Viper SD a few times (rather be on the ground). 1st climber I had used in years. I found it easy to climb and comfortable but felt a little tight for me. I'm 5'10 and 200. I would step up to the Goliath if I bought a new stand. And probably get the wrap around seat (surround seat). Do like the SD though, makes the stand very quiet.
Only other climber I had used was a Warren and Sweat rifleman stand. Man stands have changed.