Competition Muzzleloader shooting.

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Last Saturday morning (11/11/2017) I drove down to Jacksonville, FL to join the "Treaty Oaks" muzzleloaders for a competition shoot at the Gateway Gun Club. It was a blast (pun intended).

I shot with a dozen other muzzleloaders at 100 yard, 50 yard and 25 yard targets. The atmosphere was relaxed, lots of laughter (which - politely - did not include laughing at my pitiful shooting), we shared some great excuses for poor shots, and blew through about 26 rounds of rifle ammo and gunpowder each.

As a resident of coastal SE Georgia, Jacksonville wasn't far. I will probably return for their next shoot on December 9th.

I was wondering, are there any muzzleloader clubs in South or Central GA that do regular shoots?
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Thanks guys. Although both are a drive for me, I hope to make the trip for these in the spring. I really was hoping there was something closer to the coast that I missed in my internet search.

Your response IS appreciated!