Computer clean up?


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My puter is real slow and the normal virus scans , defrags and cookie delet is not helping, Is there any good clean-up sites out there that are good and free {or cheap}?


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Download Malwarebytes and run it. You can go to and type the name into the search bar. It'll help a lot.

Once you do that, then google "ccleaner", install and run that one, too. Both are free and if you run them each about once a week or so, it'll help more than you can imagine.


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Malware Bytes, SuperANTI Spyware, Ad-Aware and Spybot... Then uninstall any antivirus protections you have and get Microsoft Security Essentials.


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After installing and running CCleaner, run Piriform Defraggler, also a free download. Do this at least daily.