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A church member told me this morning they suspect that their teenager has been viewing inappropriate sites on their computer. She wasn't comfortable talking with some of our computer gurus, and I'm certainly not much help in that area either. So - Is there a way she can confirm her suspicions, and what suggestions might I give her for filtering etc their computer to prevent future problems?


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I saw a program at Walmart that will allow you to decide beforehand what can and can't be viewed.I remember seeing it just don't remember what the name was.It was in the area of the spyware programs.Maybe this will help!


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but she may be able to just view the "history", by clicking on it's button on the top of screen, but I know that it can also be deleted after someone finishes going somewhere. :confused:



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Check the cookie list. Most times teens will have enough sense to erase the "history" but will fail to destroy the cookie trail.

I've caught a child or two & an employee or three this way!

Bryan, if read this, don't tell your little sister! She still thinks I'm psychic! ;)