Congrats to atlroach!!!!

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ATLROACH was the winner of the rifle i put up for whoever shot the most doe with a handgun in the handgun challenge. He won with a whopping 2 doe!!! I hope there is more people to participate next season, and of course have more doe taken!!

Here is a pic of ATLROACH when the rifle was handed over. Nice to meet you and your wife. Congrats, and next season, i am going to personally make sure it takes more than two doe to win!!! :bounce::bounce::bounce:



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WTG Kyle!!!! (say hey to the Missus)

BTW, why was the prize for a "Handgun" contest a..... rifle??????
Nice shootin Kyle! Cool giveaway pize 11P&Y!


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Good Job Kyle,
Now all ya need are some saddle bags and a place to holster that rifle on that rocket you call a bike...::ke::D


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Thanks again Chad.

Thanks comments, I'm working on setting up the gun for my wife. Already purchased XS Mount, XS ghost ring and Warne QD rings. Now I just need to figure out the scope for the scout mount.
Nice rifle and congrats again Kyle!

Chad, thank you again for such a donation!!!