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Congrats to the winners !
Like always, it was a hoot. :yeah:
You're like family to me. I love pulling your string and watching you spin, especially Billy.
I've been in this thing so long, I cant remember how many years its been but you've become like family. Next time, I'll be on the side lines cheering and poking fun.
I don't care how many times I hear its good for business, I'm sitting the next one out. :cheers: God bless !


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You and me both. Congrats to my fellow Soldiers. Chenry, two gross P&Y 10 pointers with a stick bow, and 270bowman another P&Y in just three yrs. Three Pope & Young bucks in the same yr, not to bad. Big shout out to the City Stickers. Three gross Boone & Crockett bucks in the same year has never been done. Had you not killed your does you still would have been champions in my book. Congrats to everyone else, you are all winners.


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Congrats to the winning teams and all that participated. Some great bucks were posted in the competition and some of the top bucks would be classified as studs in any state. Richard


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first off thank you Billy for all of the work you do to make this thing happen.

Yes we had a very blessed season, we all were able to harvest a buck that we had been chasing prior to this year. Say what you want about hunting being easier for us but I know Lee and Drew put in some serious stand time and work to harvest the deer they were after. We enjoyed the contest this year but we will not be entering it again. Hope everyone had a fun and safe hunting season and good luck next year.