Conversation with my 93 yr old Momma . .

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Unreal, she doesn't forget anything. Lived thru the Depression, grew up on a farm with 5 siblings. She tells stories that are absolutely hilarious, and she doesn't even realize how funny she is !!

I love the knowledge of older folks ! I'm the youngest out of 3, and she still calls me her "baby boy.."


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You should record them for future generations
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You should record them for future generations

She told me she could write a book.. Very smart lady, graduated from IU, EVEN after living in the south for over 60 yrs she still talks like a Yankee.
Quack, you are lucky because you've got a very eloquent mother that is smart as a whip, sharp as a tack, and she won 't take any "Smack-Talk" from a guy named Quack !!! :D:D:D

Man, I gotta love your mom for sure as I would love to spend a day with her !!!! :love::love::love:

She sounds like the kind of woman that makes the rest of us be a better person along life's journey.

PS: I would have loved to seen and heard her reaction and comments when she took her first flight "off into the wild blue yonder" on your brother's jet.
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lucky man quack
Good stuff Quack, would be cool to hear some of her stories from the past.


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Old folks are funny, my dad was a hoot, and that fruitcake lady on the Leno show cracks me up.

Sounds like she is still sharp as a tack.


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My wife's grandad is 93. WWII vet. Love to sit and listen to his stories, although he can get a little repetitive. But, hey, he's 93, so that can be expected. I will say that at 93, the space between the brain and the mouth has pretty much eroded away. The man says exactly what is on his mind, with no regard to hurtin' anyone's feelings who are within earshot. I figure he's earned that, at 93.

Your Momma single, Quack? Maybe we can introduce them. :D
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My mom has the early symptoms of dementia. She still has her wit . She has never liked cats. I told her a friend was giving away a cat and did she want it. Without hesitation she replied, I don't care if that cats azz was stuffed with 100 dollars bills , I wouldn't take it . She has a saying for everything.
Older folks are the best.
They are truly walking libraries they have seen and experienced so much in their lives.
My Grandfather was 85 when he passed a WW1 vet and when I think of all the things he lived thru during his years WoW !!