Cool Trail Camera Pics

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A local news paper had readers submit trail camera pics. With over 200 pics submitted, I thought theses were worth sharing.:cool:



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What kind of bird is that in the last picture?


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Cool , thanks.
man those are some cool pics . that 12 pt is a bruiser if I ever saw one. That albino is so awsome, wonder how he stays hidden or if the locals just feel sorry for him and give him a stay of execution.
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All albino critters up here are prtoected. Ya don't want to get caught with one of those laying across the tailgate!
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Thanks all! Looking at all the great trl cam pics, I decided to put my camera out in the yard for some critter survelliance. Even though I'm in a subdivision, all kind of critters sneak through to get to the 3000 acre wildlife marsh that is only 1/8 mile from the house. Deer , turkey coon, etc.. Soon I'll put the camera back at the hunting spot, scouting for turkey season.


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Very Cool pics!