Buying an arctic or Ozark and saying it’s a yeti is like driving a honda ridge line and calling it a truck.
You ever had one? Those four letters written on it don't mean a thing except redneck glam. I don't give a flying crap about image, I just want something that works. I can tell no functional difference. There is a major functional difference in a Honda Ridgeline and a F150. Pretty much none in an OT roto-molded cooler and a Yeti.


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Buying an arctic or Ozark and saying it’s a yeti is like driving a honda ridge line and calling it a truck.

ha! I've owned a Ridgeline since '06 and its more of a truck than what I see most other hunters in. That thing has seen more mud, hauled more deer/hogs, etc, pulled more fourwheelers, bushhogs, etc than most do. But y'all keep on jacking up y'alls f250s and putting black rims, lightbars, etc and calling them trucks...keep on.

While I have an doesn't keep ice any better than my coleman extremes.
Dang, Killer. How does your wife like you getting her truck muddy all the time?:ROFLMAO:
Ozark Trail is one of the best roto mold coolers for the money. I also have a Gator Box, which is basically the same thing as all the roto mold coolers.


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I have the cabelas version of the yeti that was given to me for 20 years at work. I really like it but it is REALLY heavy too. I also have a coleman extreme and can say teh cabelas one holds ice longer than the coleman but not really enough to justify the cost for me.

I just got one of the RTIC 20 soft sided ones. They were running a clearance sale and got it for less than the OT one. Have to say it is definitely better made than the OT in comparison. Can't say it woudl function any better or not but this thing does blow away all my other cheapo soft sided day coolers. well worth the money.


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I'm all in on Pelican coolers. In general I buy ice 2x a week and we are in the coolers constantly during summer.
hard to justify spending $5 in the morning, $5 more at lunch just to keep drinks cold in a cheap cooler.
I have had a yeti for a long long time.

I paid a lot for it at a time there were no rtic or Walmart roto molded coolers available.

I am happy with the buy. Yeti even sent new rubber latch set at no charge when one of mine broke after years of use.

The fact that I quit buying igloo coolers every six months saved me a lot of grief and a little $.

With the rapid trac bed cover on my truck you need a good cooler. It is 200F in the covered bed when the sun is out. I can still get 2-3 days of ice life in those conditions wit the yeti.

The igloo cooler that I had in the covered bed was full of hot water in less than a 10 hr work day.

With that said ...I'd buy the Walmart roto mold cooler if I was in the market for a new cooler.

I will admit I keep my yeti hidden to avoid the yeti haters more so than the thieves. Lol