Coolers: Any preference Yeti vs Grizzly?


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Figured I'd get more response in this forum rather than gear review forum. Considering getting a 150 qt for elk...Grizzly is a good bit cheaper...never had either one before...

Any thoughts?


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I like my Yeti. Its tough as nails. If you are just going to use it this one time, I would just say get a cheaper one. Another thing, Yetis are HEAVY. My 45 full is about all one person can handle. I haven't used it enough to say about how long it will hold ice. (its put up for chirstmas persent) Thats all I got!


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I have a 120 qt. Coleman xtreme and it will hold ice for three solid days provided you keep from opening it to much which is the key to any cooler anyway. I paid somewhere around $60.00 for it at Walmart some years back. I love it

thomas gose

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i have a big yetti i love it for keeping ice it will hold ice for over a week out of the direct sunlight but id never buy one just for storing meat! I like the 120 ct colemans for that!


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I've got a 120qt igloo I put 5 20lb bags of ice in Monday around lunch. As of last night there was less than a 1/4" of water in the bottom of the cooler.
The last thing i want to worry about is someone stealing a $500 cooler out of the back of my truck....Igloo & Coleman are plenty good for me.
I have a 250 qt yeti that I use on week long hunting or fishing trips. It will hold 8-9 deer quartered and deboned packed in ice and holds ice for about 5 days. I have had this cooler for about 6 years and haven't had any problems out of it.
stupid yeti wont hold ice for nothin. sold it and bought an ice machine....and a small refigerator. Those things are coach purses for men. ::ke:::ke:
I'm sure they have there place and are well made just can't see paying that much for a cooler ice is readily avaiable where I hunt at.. I have the Coleman extreme 5 day works great. Igloo has a like model aswell ! I have enough to worry about dont to add a high dollar cooler to it
i love my yeti.. my wife got it for me last christmas and i use it all the time.. i tested it one time but it was like early spring and it wasnt too hot out side and got 10 days with mine..weither it does better or not, it has me convienced... glad it was a gift b/c i might not have paid that much for one..good luck with whatever you get
type in yeti cooler test on youtube.. theres a company that test 5 major brands. the cooler i think arb came in 1st, engel came in 2nd, coleman extreme came in 3rd, yeti came in 4th and igloo came in last.