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Any recommendations on a good quality copper remover for rifle bore cleaning? I've been using Butch's Bore Shine but was wondering is there's something better. I've also been reading that some copper removals solutions are very caustic, contain ammonia, and cannot be left in the bore for more than 5-10 minutes.
Any advice/input would be appreciated.

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I use Montana Xtreme Products on all of my firearms. Copper Killer is completely barrel safe and contains no acids, amines or chlorides.

If it's real bad you mix Copper Killer with their Copper Cream. You do not want that to stay in your barrel.


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I have Butch's...just not that confident in it. I have Sweets...don't use it a lot unless there is something real heavy in it. I regularly use Montana Extreme...going to need ventilation on either of those.
Never tried their cream.. sounds like Sweets a little...I just keep running the other until there is no blue.


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I have used Montana, Butchs, Sweets, Hoppes. I switched to Eliminator about 6 or 7 years ago and have used that pretty much exclusively. However, Just this past spring with some advise and then testing, have switched. I now use Sharp Shoot R Wipe-Out Accelerator and Wipe-Out bore cleaner. It is a two step process. One patch accelerator and then one bore cleaner. Stuff really seems to work great.
Now this is for shooting Benchrest where we only have about 30-40 minutes between targets. Accelerator may not be necessary for the normal shooter. I like eliminator but don't like the "green goo" it leaves on hands and brass. This Wipe-Out two step stuff really seems to do the job as far as I have been able to tell.


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Now that I think about it more...I also have been trying Shooters Choice some lately and it is pretty good too...I still like Montana the best
All i shoot are Barnes Bullets in my rifles. 688CD830-9518-4343-9977-27C12D1E4E2D.jpeg This stuff is awesome and I’ve tried a bunch of stinkin and harsh products over the years.


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yep...not sure if it is the foam Brushless Bore Cleaner or Accelerator that is the stickiest.
Says on theWipe-Out bottle

May be left in overnight. This method removes huge amounts of fouling in the shortest time.

Patch-Out is used as a wet patch to remove the fouling in between cleanings.


great if it works for time your close swing in and get this :)
Wipe-Out Foaming bore cleaner, if i am in a hurry I use the accelerator before the foam. Squirt it in the Barrel, foam, and place it in a vice with the barrel slightly down. Then place some rags under the barrel to absorb the run off. That is about it. come back in the morning and run a patch or two through it. Then oil it or wipe it down and put it up.