Corn or quality deer feed survey poll. Which do you use.


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Ladderman4....the short answer to your question is "yes", they are low maintenance. You have to set yourself up for it to be that, though. Every spring (sometime in March) you will have to spray the food plots with "Arrest". This kills the grass that attempts to grow in the plot but will not kill the chicory or clover. After that all I do is mow it every 28 days (I wouldn't cut it any lower than 5-6inches). June, July and August; you don't typically touch it unless you get a good amount of rain. Sept/Oct fertilize with 0-20-20 fertilizer and if the deer do their job you shouldn't have to cut until next spring. Don't put a fertilizer with nitrogen in it on the food plots. The chicory makes it's own nitrogen and feeds the clover. Hope this helps out and we all appreciate your service to the community.
Thanks JMH, and all the rest of ya'll for your help. Looking forward to get'n started and seeing results this season.
I manage 1350 acres in Meriwether County and we have been using a 21% proten pellet there for the last 5 years. We have 13 though feeders that we run from Jan 1st - Mid March and then from May 16th - early August, we normally end up feeding around 20 tons per year and we also have mineral stations at each feeder that are trace mineral / dical / feed salt. The body size and antlers on our deer have made good gains in 5 years. We killed 6 bucks last year and live weights were from #195 - #235 and gross antler scores from 115" - 146". We also killed 26 does last year and live weights averaged around #120 with our heaviest being #153 and #148.


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middle georgia. i use corn for the reasons of its cheaper, you can use it in your traditional spin cast type feeders, dotn have to worry abotu the rain, dotn have to worry about the deer getting adjusted to it, and its mainly just to get the deer thru the tough months and keep the does on the property for when the rut rolls around.

if i could get a feed for close to the same cost, convenient to buy, no real head ache in getting the deer to eat it, and it could be used in my spin cast feeders, i would switch right away.