CORY’S CONTEMPT: Sen. Booker Says US Justice System a ‘Cancer on the Soul’ of America


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Something is definitely wrong. Too many innocent people end up in prison and WAAYYY too many criminals are spending WAAAYYY too little time in prison.
Sparticus is full of it! The judical system we have - at state and local levels - is full of problems and inequities, but it is still better than any other place on the planet! The federal appeal system is beset with problems, mostly caused by "activist" judges who ignore the Constitution.

But even our leftist activist judges would not order a child held in protective custody to prevent the child's parents from taking her out of the country to get medical care unavailable locally - and then order the parents, on threat of imprisonment, to not tell anyone of the court's order. (Actually happening in the UK)

We have problems. Lots of them. But the local, state, and federal court system is not anywhere near the worst of our problems. Farticus, on the other hand, is much a part of what is likely the very worst of this nation's problems - power hungry democrats!
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It’s taken me awhile to learn not to pay attention when a fool speaks. There has been lots of learning experiences recently.:biggrin3:
So now our justice system is a fail. It's coming. You'll see.
Cory is a fat, juicy pimple on the buttocks of America. He needs the usual treatment for said condition.


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Spartacus sounds like Gillum. Gillum said LEO & prisons have no place in the justice system.

Let's do a little experiment in this country.......Let's place Gillum, Booker, Pelosi, Waters and a select the hoods of Chicago. Place them in independent locations...solo. Arm them with whatever the legal weapons that a normal citizen can have.....and turn them loose on a long weekend.

They can have no cell phone or assistance from Law Enforcement....and no media coverage.

Let them experience what the law abiding citizens who are terrorized by the gangs/thugs/criminals have to endure day in and day out.

If they live through it, I'm guessing they will emerge with a desire to obtain concealed carry permits and not live in a free-fire zone.

If they live through it, I'm guessing they will emerge with great respect and desire to support and promote law enforcement.

If they live through it, I'm guessing they will change their stripes and become Republicans :rofl: