Cotton is king

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Yeah its done in ga except in east part of the state, they buy crop insurance mostly but the problem is its based on tyields or past farm records not the fact that this was set to be a banner year with 3 bale cotton on the dryland acreage, dryland tyields are 600-700 lbs to the acre compared to 1500 if picked. Plus if I remember right its only like 50% rate on dryland if I remember right, disaster declarations may bump it higher though.


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Just drove past serval cotton fields in Bulloch County. Not as bad as in your picture but lost cotton for sure. Hard to count from the truck but I would guess 10-15% loss in undefoliated versus maybe 20+% in defoliated cotton on the ground. Lots of limbs down in pecan grove but no trees over, sure some losses there as well.


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The cotton in that picture looks as though it has been picked.
The farm next to me had a bumper crop. They were picking 24/7 prior to the storm. What they had picked & baled looks great, but the 1/3 they hadn’t gotten to appears to be 90% on the ground, total loss; I can’t see them wasting the fuel to even try to pick it.

He got more rain than me 4.24” v. 3.5”; but I think we shared the wind equally: every chinaberry Irma didn’t knock into my roads, Mike did...

I like my FL club members, but I’m getting worn out with their weather...:unsure::geek:;)::ke:


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bumper crop over in Alabama.....passed some fields this past weekend in Talladega with some of the prettiest I've ever seen.....