Cougar killed in North Louisiana

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Cougar capture in residential neighborhood unsuccessful

From News Reports
December 2, 2008

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) and Bossier City Police Department (BPPD) responded to a call on Sunday, Nov. 30 that a cougar had been spotted in a residential neighborhood in Bossier City. LDWF’s efforts to immobilize the 125-pound cat with a tranquilizer dart were not immediately successful and BPPD officers shot the animal to minimize the possible threat to public safety.

The state’s third documented cougar sighting in three months was witnessed by neighbors in Bossier City, as well as law enforcement officers, state biologists and news media representatives. The cougar was discovered in the same neighborhood where a black bear was treed three years ago. That incident resulted in capture and relocation of the bear.

“This neighborhood is situated close to the Red River,” said Maria Davidson, LDWF Wildlife Division. “Animals will utilize forested corridors along rivers and streams to cover great distances between forest woodlots.”

LDWF staff worked with the BPPD to secure the area for the public’s safety in advance of biologists’ efforts to tranquilize the animal. When the 125-pound cat was hit with the tranquilizer dart, it was startled and began to move within the tree where it was situated. BPPD officers then shot the cougar out of concern for public safety.

“Our standard procedure is to tranquilize the animal in a situation such as this and relocate it to ensure public safety as well as the welfare of the animal,” said Davidson. “It simply did not work in this situation.”

Dr. Jim Lacour, LDWF veterinarian, performed a necropsy on Monday to take DNA samples and uncover any clues to help determine if the cougar was a wild animal or possibly an animal that had been kept as a pet and then released.

“Currently, all indications are that this cougar was a wild, free ranging animal,” Davidson reported. “A three- to four-year-old male cougar is within the most common age class to roam long distances in search of a new home range.”

Photographic evidence submitted to LDWF in September verified the presence of cougars in the state. A Sept. 4 photo from Natchitoches Parish and an Allen Parish photo on Sept. 29, both from citizens utilizing trail cameras, may have captured the same cougar’s image. It has not been determined whether or not the Bossier City cougar is that same animal.

Shame they had to shoot it, but you have to keep the populace safe.


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I've spent some time on the banks of the Red River. I can see where "living" next to it could result in a lot of unwanted guest.

It's good that they took care of it before any children were hurt.
got a boy in our hunting club that says he has seen a long tail cat twice this year while hunting. Saw him in the same stand, a week apart
my grandpa used to hunt big cats with dogs back in the 50's and 60's in Southeast Texas and Southwest Louisiana... that's long time ago and a long ways from bossier city, but nature always finds a way to fool the skeptics.


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Ya know all of the sudden those things are showing up more and more - If they are someone's pets - what did everyone just decide to let them go all at one time.