Coweta update

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Bucks dropping like flies this yr glad to see lots of folks getting it done! On NW side of Coweta hasn’t really started yet..just starting to see bigger scrapes and different bucks cruising..still no sightings of the biggens on there feet or daylight moon and cooler temps this weekend and next week got our club excited..anyone else seeing it start up yet?
Not much going on, on the east side, the smaller gentleman are trying, but the big boys haven’t got going yet, I would say between now and thanksgiving should be tuned up


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I'm around the park. Buddy shot a doe last night. Had seen numerous scrapes about a week or two ago but they have disappeared. I did get woke up this morning by a buck chasing and grunting at something. They run right outside my bedroom window.
Normally kicks up around the 22 or so.
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I’m right next to park also, seems like it’s different every year for us..hoping it kicks up this weekend/next week..going to be nice and cool boy! Yeeyee!
I saw 2 mature bucks together walking across a field Friday afternoon. I’ve seen small bucks cruising across power lines. I saw a 4 year old 140 inch buck walk across power line Monday evening and feed on corn. No chasing yet. I’m close to Sharpsburg


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To you guys near the park area. There was a really big'un killed in that area this morning that was just feeding along on a field edge solo. No chasing, grunting...nothing. 140ish. Weird.
Same in lamar county the week of the 29th I had scrapes popping up all over my property.Had 9 bucks checking one scrape. Saw some small bucks chasing that week and that was it. I have several 4 1/2 year olds coming in to the food plot at night and feeding with other bucks but no chasing.


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I'm seeing fresh rubs and scrapes but no real chasing yet. Hoping as the cooler temps set in, we will get a little more action. I'll be in the stand Wednesday-Saturday next week!