Coyote Hunt Thread 2019

2 Hunters
6mm Creedmoors with Night Vision and Thermal
North Grady county fields
Foxpro, mfk, Lucky Duck vocals and distress
1 heard
0 seen
0 killed

The Predator Outlaws ran one set that we blanked on and were moving to set number 2 when we ran up with the landowner trying to do some hog control. We talked to him for a few minutes when we spotted a boar leaving a swampy area headed to his peanuts. Our coyote hunt changed gears and we did a stalk on the boar and took him at about 40 yards with the thermal and 6mm creed. DRT, the 70gr. Sierra hand load has proved itself in stopping hogs in their tracks.


1 Hunter
6mm Creedmoor with thermal
North Grady county fields
Lucky Duck vocals and lip squeak
0 heard
1 seen
1 killed

Went out alone as my two other Predator Outlaws had obligations. After a dead first set that had me fighting mosquitoes the size of turkeys, I moved on to set number two. I set up in the middle of a family owned dirt road with fields on each side a lone howl had this female coming to me. A lip squeak brought her on in on a string. Another south Georgia dawg down.