Crappie! Post your catch pics here!!


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5C6022DD-FD71-4BF2-9714-EAFBB12D663F.jpeg Here’s the ones I kept. Around 15 total. Was a hard day for a beginner crappie fisherman. Couldn’t figure out how to find them, as my fish finder didn’t show them anywhere. Finally figured them out, my first clue was the gathering of 6 other boats in a 50 yard area😂
Deer fanatic that’s the blackest crappie I’ve ever seen, are they always that black
Yup, the ones in my pond are, The water is super clear in that pond so I always figured that was the reason. Bass and bream are really pretty as well. Pa-in-law's pond is always stained/muddy and the ones in his pond are really pale colored