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Was listening to the Great Outdoors Show podcast yesterday and it got me thinking. Have you ever been fishing a just surprised at the fish you caught in a location you thought shouldn’t be there? Last month my son caught a crappie in a little creek on a red wiggler.

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In Hawaii we were using cane poles to catch bait in a creek that looked like a trout stream. I casted under a over hanging tree and got a 5 pound fish of some kind. Must have got washed into hole and got stuck. Water was inches deep.


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Fishing for bait with a sabeki (sp) rig on 2lb. test from a tiny / childs casting rod. Boated a 14lb. bonito. Best fight all day. Spooled me 7 times, all the while with the Capt. yell'n down.."Don't you break my rig" over and over.


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Fish'n a friend's pond, slip foat'n for cats with hot dogs and came up with 3 bucket mouths in 20 mins. He would only takes pix of the first two before he left.

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Throwing crappie jigs to a blow down about 15 years ago in Wolf Creek at Westpoint and caught a 15-16” long rainbow trout.
I caught what I’m guessing was a rainbow trout on a rattle trap in lake Harding. A guy on his dock said the guy up from him released them every year.