creek gar shooting?


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i fish a small creek that has good fishing but the gar are around six feet on the average and very easily stalked. is it legal to bowfish a creek? i have found fiahing arrows stuck in things on the bottom in low water, can i use a recurve. i really wanna try this so any begginers info is appreciated. thanks.


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I have no clue but if you kill some I'd like to have a few jawbones and scales if possible ....


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Yes it is legal. However, if you have never bowfished before you may want to go with someone who has not for the sake that shooting an arrow into a fish is extremely difficult and must be taught but more for the sake that they would have proper equipment. The primary danger in bowfishing (as it relates to equipment) is arrow snapback (basically the reel doesn't let out line as fast as the arrow travels.) This causes the arrow to fly in odd directions and can even lead to a bungee cord effect where the arrow returns to the shooter (NOT DESIRED.)

Bowfishing is one of the most exciting fishing/hunting methods I have ever attempted. My advice would be to find someone who has gone and take them. Then get your own equipment and shoot away. A new recurve, reel, line, and arrows will run you less than $200 and it is the best $200 you can spend.