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Just an FYI for crossbow guys. I couldn't find much information about crossbow arrows. The guy at Bass Pro wasn't much help either and said weight per inch or spine didn't matter on a crossbow only length was important. I ended up going through 3 different brand arrows. One would group about 8 inches at 60 yards, one grouped about 4 inches but wouldn't group well with broadheads. Finally found that Bloodsport Witness were perfect. I ended up ruining 2 of them because I nicked them during testing. So before you settle on mediocre accuracy, try a different arrow.

I found this article pretty informative


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Good info. I have a parker and shoot Parker arrows. They seem to shoot tight,although I’m not shooting over 50 yds. Seems fixed broadheads drop almost 4” but still hold a tight pattern


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I didn't see this thread. I'm no veteran but I've found out a few important things.
First thing is, your field points probably group great. It really doesn't matter, your not hunting with them.
An under spine'd bolt will not group broadheads well.
A heavy FOC helps. I use 110 gr inserts and 100 gr heads. 125 would probably be better ?
Small fixed heads or mechanicals tend to group best. Xbows hit hard, mechanicals break easily. I went with a small fixed head for strength.
Spine indexing and fletching accordingly is important so every bolt will group the same. Especially at long range. Weight and spine matching helps too.
I have the RAM Carbon QC Arrow Spine Tester on the way to help build my bolts.

Lots of good info here.