Cruising to Alaska


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Just now seeing this David. Looks like a good time for sure. We did an Alaska ground trip in 2014. The boss says we are doing the cruise next time.

Glad y’all went.
We got back from our trip. This was a "make the wife happy" type trip. She has wanted to go on a cruise and I didn't want to be stuck on a boat. I decided I could put up with a cruise if I got to get off on land somewhere I wanted to go and take some pics. Bypassed the popular tours and such at each stop and tried to rent a car in Skagway for the day, but they were all checked out. Found an outfit with a revamped school bus that was reasonable (compared to other tour prices) that took us a couple of hours over the mountains and into Yukon. The guy did a great job with a lot of info to keep us entertained. He probably made 7-10 stops along the way. Saw some goats, black bear, brown-black bear, brown-brown bear and other stuff. I did not fish, since I didn't want to take a chance on the outfits I talked to with a short window to get back on the boat. We will go back and fly in and drive for fishing next time, if I can afford to ship fish back once they tell me the rate per lb.