Cuddeback Model E2 Trail Camera & CuddeSafe lock box - $120

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Cuddeback Model E2 Trail Camera & CuddeSafe lock box - $120

One Cuddeback Long Range IR Trail Camera Model E2
One Cuddeback trail Camera Cuddesafe ( this is the lock box for this trail camera.)

I bought this Camera just over a month ago paid 150.00 for it from Gander Mountain.
Ordered the CuddeSafe (lock box for it) paid 30.00 for it.

I wanted to try it because it has a .25 second trigger speed.

Unfortunately tried to take it back but Gander Mountain was bought out by camping world and they and will not take returns.

So my lost (paid almost $200.00 include taxes and shipping for the lock box for it). is your gain if you want a new Trail Camera and a lock box.

Look up the Cuddeback model E2 and the CuddeSafe on line.

I have it in the field now and it works well but it does not work with my other existing software for my Browning cameras.

Available by appointment only on the weekend.