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OK y'all, I have trout fished the beach off Cumberland from Whitney Lakes to below Stafford Shoals. My success has been mixed. I think it is my timing maybe. My son keeps me very busy with baseball and I go fishing when I can. The times that I have have been fishing this area is from mid May to late June. I have always fished the last of the third of the outgoing tide and most of the tide back in (til it gets too rough for my boat). I am also fishing Salt water assassins in my favorite colors,sometimes under popping corks, sometimes not(I've caught them here both ways, just not consistently). Am I hitting it early, late, or on time?
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Your timing is fine. May-July seems to work best for me. Your areas sound right, too... Sometimes, you do have to move alot to find the fish and sometimes, they just aint gonna eat.

Ebb tide is best on the runouts, but we catch fish on both. Gulps under a popping float or live shrimp for a variety as well as trout. I love it down there... Never know what you're going to catch. Could be Trout, Jacks, Tarpon, Lady Fish, Catfish, Whiting, Redfish... Who knows.

I luuuuvvvvv beach fishin!
I worked on the G-8 Summit a few years back,and heard about folks tearin' up the flounder "off the beach," but of course I couldn't go. I guess they meant St.Simons? I'd like to go back there and fish!