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Well, unsuccessful on the 1/25 - 1/27 hog hunt on Cumberland, but great place to be regardless. Had a few killed, but didn't get the final tally (maybe low teens?). Anybody that was there and got the final tally, I'd be interested in hearing. Changing tactics / location next time (if I get to go).

Anyway, on top of getting skunked, was headed north (6.5 +/- hours to get home from St. Marys) around Darien and got a flat. Not a big deal except yours truly didn't know that in order to unlock the spare, you need a special "key" that attaches to the end of the handle used for the jack. Supposed to have one in the glove box...wasn't there and wasn't anywhere in the truck. Called my dealer who said I was out or luck and needed to call a local dealer and see if they "might" have one (apparently specific to the vehicle). Of course they didn't, so long story short had to get towed to a tire shop in Darien.

Which is a long way to get to the point: Ponsell's Towing & Recovery came right out, picked us up, sold me a tire and sent us on our way for what I thought was a very reasonable price. It might have helped that we were close to their shop anyway (exit 49), but regardless they were efficient and priced right, so I just wanted to give them a shout out here in case anyone runs into trouble down that way.

Very foolish of me not to know about that, not to mention pretty embarrassing .... but with that said, whatever happened to the days when you could change a tire with a a jack and a lug wrench???
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Makes me wish we had GON good guy list that we could call when stuff like this happens. My brother lives right there were you were at. He would have helped.


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That would be a great idea - and in this economy, I'm sure any extra word of mouth advertising would be appreciated....

The whole thing made me feel like a moron, though ... oh well, lesson learned, and if it had to happen, glad it happened on a sunny afternoon within a mile or so of the shop....


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We were skunked also, but i should have had one the first morning. Missed a good sow at 40 yards. This was my first hunt down there and i did enjoy it. The final tally i believe was aroound fourteen.
i have an F250 that I bought used, found out about that key as well. you should be able to put a socket around the key and lower the tire with a ratchet. then the key pops out with a hammer or long screwdriver as its held together with a spring clip. once the key is out the spare tire winch will operate with the extended rod supplied. hope it helps
Heard a lot of good things about Ponsells. Glad you got back on the road okay. As I was reading your post, I figured you were going to say you seen more hogs on the side of the road in Darien then on Cumberland. We got a bunch of 'em.


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Thanks for the tip .... I just hope I don't have to try it anytime soon! I guess I'll hit the dealer up for a replacement and see what that costs me....

Blazer21, don't feel bad about the miss - at least you had a chance. I didn't even see anything. I remember about 2 years ago at Sapelo I had a doe at about 30 yards or less and MISSED...pulled the trigger with the safety on, then fired to quick after releasing the safety....that was embarrassing. I wouldn't have fessed up, but my brother was hunting the tract across from me and heard the shot, so when I came out empty handed, I had to explain ... of course I could have lied and said it was a running shot at 200 yards or something (instead a standing still broadside at 30)....

The other cool thing at Cumberland I want to try next time is some fishing - heard a guy talking about cooking up a 4lb fish he pulled out of the river there...
We also got skunked. My brother-in-law saw a few, but they darted out and back into the brush too fast for him to get a shot with his scoped rifle. It was a worthwhile trip - any trip where I get to backpack all over that island is worthwhile. I don't think I'll be back for another hunt, though. Not enough hogs to justify the aggravation of the ferry ride, among other things.

Edit: On the final tally, I heard anywhere from 11 to 14. I never found out for sure.
I quit going there when they started radicating the hogs .Before that a bunch of us would go and all get our share of hogs .know they are real scarce on the island .The snipers come in at night with night shooting equipment and lay them out ,for them to run to the water and leave them lay .Sad to say anyhow the way they did this.


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True about hiking Cumberland .... may have to just start doing that and maybe try some surf fishing there instead of hunting. I could bring my family down for a bit of that.

I guess I just need to find a good WMA and start planning hog hunts that way instead of Cumberland. I hope I get drawn for Sapelo next time, though - I think the odds may be better there (at least I saw some last time).
Which camp did you stay in? Did you ride the ferry, or take a private boat?

If I could figure out a way to go the Cumberland hunts and avoid about 90% of the other hunters (private boat to Brickhill, maybe?), I'd probably go again.


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Swampy try the savannah nwr hunt in march instead. Used to do it every year and always saw or shot hogs and it will save you a lil on the drive.