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man they are really cutting all around us plus we have quite a few cow pastures now how long will it take for the deer to use the clear cuts for cover again. twelve years ago we had woods everywhere atleast they cant cut the ohoopee that is a mile away I got loggers in the family n when its time to cut they do just sucks for deer hunting.


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Deer will use the cutover before the dust settles from the logging truck, but it may or may not be shootin' hours. When the briars and weeds get thick enough to hide in, deer will be bedding in there. Build you an elevated stand in the cutover while you have easier access, in a couple of years you will be the envy of the 'hood. As the cutover grows, keep your shooting lanes clean.


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There is really never a time when a clearcut is not huntable but the tactics will have to change over time.

When a spot is clear cut the sun hits the ground and, depending upon the time of year, browse begins to grow and this cover can become quite dense depending on the soil and moisture. Depending upon the size of the cut, deer will use it at night and around the edges in the daylight until there is some cover.

A period of time is generally allowed after a cut for the tops and limbs to dry and then a burn is done to reduce the residue. Another period of time is allowed then the cut is usually sprayed to inhibit broadleaf competition before it is replanted. The burning, spraying, planting will generally happen over a year and this may be a period of less cover.

Once the trees are replanted they will grow rather quickly and will offer good heavy cover for deer in 3 years or so. At least that has been my experience.
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Thanks for the answers I know there’s good Brouse in a clear-cut shortly but I was worried about losing habitat for bedding ateas


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By year 3 they will be bedding like crazy in it especially if they replant the pines.

Take the time to bush hog certain areas for deer to travel every year...we always like to bush hog a few rows that went from swamp to swamp, hardwoods to swamp, etc. Deer will use them paths like crazy. If you don't the whole thing will turn into a briar infested wasteland that you cant hunt around year five.
Thanks for the answers I know there’s good Brouse in a clear-cut shortly but I was worried about losing habitat for bedding ateas
You will have way more bedding area after they clearcut than you dd when you had a big stand of mature forest. The largest continuous tracts of mature hardwoods are in the mountains, and that area has the lowest population of deer in the state. Deer can only eat acorns for couple of months and they don't eat pine cones. Deer don't really care about anything above three foot off of the ground. So while us humans think a big hardwood bottom looks pretty, a clearcut offers way more to a deer than "the woods."


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I've seen some good hunting in clear cuts when they start to grow back up a little. I've also seen timber cutting a short distance away absolutely ruin a good stand because the deer completely changed their patterns. I still hate to see clear cutting and would rather hunt big timber. I've had to deal with this many times on leases. One of the joys of hunting somebody else's property.


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We cut almost all the pines off our 43 acres last year right before Thanksgiving. I'm going to say about 20acres worth. We aren't spraying nor replanting with pines so I'm hoping the spring green up is going to be awesome!!! Planted several different types of oaks, some dunstan chestnut, and 3 of the doctor deer pear trees. Hope they all take. Also transplanted some cedar trees there for a nice thick bedding area. This property butts up to the Savannah river site so hopping this will really pays off. Can't wait to see it all come up naturally should be plenty of browse soon. Got a few spots picked out for some new plots also. I'm excited. Sorry the pics could have been so much better was focusing on the cut down trees at the time


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Looks good our 74 acres was clear cut in 1988 n we have meadows hardwoods pine and lots of crab apples n persimmons. I do try to bushhog any open areas i can access once a year.