CVA Scout V2 Pistol $198.88


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Good not put a four power scope on this gun and try to shoot it like a rifle with 100 grains of powder......
CVA Scout V2 Pistol

I have on in .243. Have a 2-7x32 Simmons on it. With Factory Remington 100 gr coreloc it holds a 3/4" group at 100 yards. Will be working up loads for it soon.


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Ive got one with a pistol scope on it (forget which brand). It shoots good with 50 or 100 grain pyrodex pellets. I got it dialed in at 50 yards last year. I want to shoot it more before i take it with me to the stand. I might take it this year if the opportunity presents itself.
Just bought one in a 44 magnum a couple of weeks ago. I got the scope on it putting good groups together, we will see what happens. I have 180 and 200gr probably will hunt with the 200's.