Cypress gun Cabinets

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Well there done . I builts these to go on each side of my fire place in my dead animal room.There are made out of cypress with cedar backs. The one with the pheasants on the doors is made for shotguns and the other with the deer skulls is deeper for scoped rifles.



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Nice work, Reddwil!!

Any particular reason for using cedar in the backs?

The Snakeman
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Snake, I liked the contrast in the two woods, and I think they go together nicely. And not that it was a deciding factor, but the cedar was cheaper than the cypress. I have used Cypress and cedar in combination on another project and it turned out very nice.


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Real nice Red.:fine:
Outstanding job!!

Those look very nice. I'm sure they will look great in your dead animal room.

Burl E.

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Really appreciate the comments guys.

RWK, I drew up the plans myself. I could not find a plan that matched the demensions I needed.