D.J.s of "old"


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Who were some of your favorite radio D. J.s when you were growing up?

In the Atlanta market, there was a guy on 96 Rock that I always liked to listen to. His name was Dean Clark and he had the afternoon slot (from 3:00 till 7:00 I think). He always ended his show by saying, "Come get me mother, I'm through."

Two other favorites of mine were on WQXI (790 AM). Gary McKee (morning show with Willis the Guard) and Coyote McCloud (afternoon slot) were fun to listen to. McCloud always started his show with The Beach Boys song, "Fun, Fun, Fun."

McKee wound up on 96 Rock for awhile and after that, I lost track of him.


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Willard who did mid-days on 96 Rock...the Electric Lunch was great to jam to while at work...
I remember him. I think he also did evenings at one point on 96. I can recall Dean Clark saying "Willard is next at the top of the hour."


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Christopher Rude with 96 Rock .....:flag:
Russ Albums and Charlie Logan from Tampa's 95 WYNF.

Also liked the Ron and Ron show from the same station as well.


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big hugh baby, tony the tiger and skinny bobby come to mind locally


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Kaedy Kiely
Christopher Rude
THE Wake up crew!!!


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Art Roberts WLS, and Cousin Brucy WABC
I guess I'm just a little older than you. Before Art Roberts there was Dick Biondi, the "wild I-tralion" on WLS. I wasn't supposed to be listening, but Santy Claus brought me a transistor radio with an earphone and I listened in my bed after everybody was asleep.

That must have been about 1960 or'61.

I also remember listening to the Joe Rumore show from "The Big Bam"-WBAM In Montgomery, Alabama. Later, we listened to "Big Johnny Reb" WDAK 540 in Columbus. The main dj I remember there is Alan Boyd, who always ended his show with "I leave you with those two beautiful words: Liz Taylor."
not a dj, but a talk radio guy. any of you ever listen to david paul back in the day on am 750? freakin hilarious...