Daily Trump Sux Thread

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the man is a tv reality game show host.

of course he's a liar and a fool.

he throws out lies, and all his minions lap them up.

poor souls..........lol
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Daily Trump Sux
Daily Trump Sux.
Daily Trump Sux.


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Down at Fernandina for the week with the family. I have never seen so many people here, and we come plenty on the week of the 4th. Even got to give a shout out to these cool cats sporting an American flag and a Trump flag. 5A5E0829-9653-41A2-BA9F-E9A3D7D21023.jpeg
Daily Trump Sux
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If the amount of hunner dollar bills being sent into the sky last night was any indication that Trump is winning, Trump in fact does NOT suckage!


...just joking, seriously.
All those reminded me of splodin heads.
Don't know which are more numerous...