Daily Trump Sux Thread

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the man is a tv reality game show host.

of course he's a liar and a fool.

he throws out lies, and all his minions lap them up.

poor souls..........lol
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Daily Trump Sux
Daily Trump Sux.
Daily Trump Sux.


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Down at Fernandina for the week with the family. I have never seen so many people here, and we come plenty on the week of the 4th. Even got to give a shout out to these cool cats sporting an American flag and a Trump flag. 5A5E0829-9653-41A2-BA9F-E9A3D7D21023.jpeg
Daily Trump Sux
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If the amount of hunner dollar bills being sent into the sky last night was any indication that Trump is winning, Trump in fact does NOT suckage!