Dallas Ga Area Crappie Fishing Buddies

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Hey everyone, looking to see about making some new fishing buddies around the Dallas Ga area but i do travel a bit and am not afraid to make a trip. Recently relocated back down to Ga after medically retiring out of the military and just about all of my fishing and hunting buddies from the area have either left or moved out of the area. I have a bad knee so roughing it and hoofing it miles in to places is harder for me to do now but i am not afraid to either as i love to do some crappie fishing. Thanks everyone basically looking for some new buddies to go out and enjoy some time on the water with from time to time and try to catch some fish with.
I live in dallas. Howabout starting a club in paulding? The new reservoir will be up n running this yr?
I fish 4-5 times a week on the bank or in my kayak on surrounding lakes n rivers, creeks. Havent run into many fishermen in the area but maybe posting a meetup may get some interest?
Just some ideas.
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Sounds great Jrmtri65 definitely something be up for doing. Its been a while since i have hit any of the local holes around the Paulding county area use to do a good bit of fishing over at Rocky Mountain pfa that place was a good area to fish especially the trophy lakes. My name is Dakota Rider and my number is 770-280-5509 i have a yak or 2 myself that i use from time to time when its nice and calm out. But do good bit of bank fishing myself. Feel free to send me a message or give me a call.


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I live in Dallas and fish a lot in the spring, summer, fall out of my kayak. I highly doubt that reservoir will be up and running this year, let alone have any fish in it ;)
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Theres no telling spkoli, that was certainly news to me about anything regarding a reservoir but then again i have been out of touch with the state itself for quite a few years now. So im sure quite a bit has adjusted or changes made in alot of places i use to go to.


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I live in Yorkville out in extreme West Paulding and fish as much as I can. As soon as I get the tilt trim fixed on my boat I will be getting back out on the lake. I fish several public lakes around Paulding as well. Always looking for a fishing partner when my kids are in school. PM me if you ever get a mind to go for a while. I am generally off on Friday’s Saturday’s and Sundays.
spkoli I bet with all the rain that reservoir is over full! haa. Not sure if they are working with anyone to manage the res for a fishery but from what I have read it takes about 8 yrs for a new res to be a good fishing hole but at least theres some water closer.
I live in Austell, Cobb County, and have never been crappie fishing. During warmer weather I'm normally out on Allatoona on my kayak, but haven't really figured that lake out.
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Bowshooter50ga. Same here i live over in Powder Springs but frequent the Paulding county area regularly. As well have a yak or 2 myself and have done some fishing from them over the years but not much however i plan for that to change as ill have more time on my hands to get out with one. And same here ive never really touched the big lakes for fishing i have mostly stayed to smaller lakes and ponds myself but again hopefully that will change and ill start to be able to work on figuring them out.