Dawson Forest Success

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Well, since bow season I’ve been after a nice 9pt that has yet to make it within range. With this week’s rifle hunt going on, I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to use up some PTO and put in some afternoon hunts. Hoping that sought after 9 would make an appearance while I had the ol trusty rifle with me. Well, Thursday was a bust with nothing moving but squirrels. Friday was a little different. The action started before I even got out of the truck with 3 does sounding off down the ridge as I was loading my pack on my back. Although it was an either sex day and I sure could benefit from putting some meat in the freezer, that wasn’t my primary objective. I had my mind set on completing a mission that started the first week of bow season. After a steady pace and 35 minutes later, I made it to my spot. A hump that flattens the ridges out and gives the wildlife a easy travel route through the steep hills that surround me. Yep a wildlife hwy that is raining acorns. A few hours pass and not even a squirrel has been seen. The wind started picking up and it began to rain. Knowing that my 35 minute walk in is a 50 minute hike out. I decided to start making my way to the truck. Halfway up the ridge I seen something that I’ve yet to see in the woods. A black bear. He was walking the ridge in a manner that he was late for supper. Thinking quickly, I decided to take a shot if he gave me the opportunity. And that he did. He stopped to look around, I squeezed the trigger. He never took another step. He dropped and rolled twice where a downed tree that was laying across the ridge prevented him from tumbling down to the bottom of the Mountian and creating a 5hr haul out. I gave thanks to the lord for the harvest, dressed him on the side of the mountain and started the drag. 2 hrs later, I was wrestling in that back of the truck. My knees were shaking and I was completely whooped but at the same time, over joyed with such a blessed hunt. I having trouble uploading pics but I managed to get one to post.


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Congrats on a nice bear! That sounds like some of my spots off of the AT. Downhill on the way in, and a good climb on the way out.
Congrats Gunner! Nice Bear.