***December Severe Weather***

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Well, not officially, but with the rain moving in finally, here in the last days of November I didn't see a need to start a November Severe WX thread.

Tuesday into Wednesday, 29th & 30th
GFS shows potential for total accumulated rainfall of 1.5 inches in south Atl to 2.0 inches in north Atl up to near 3.8 inches in extreme NE Ga. before the system is out of here on Thursday. (two fronts passing through)

The NAM is not as generous shorting those totals by an inch to an inch and a half less.

The GFS also indicates the potential for some thunder boomers, mainly in South Central to South Alabama, but with a lesser potential in West Ga from Columbus northward.

The unknown is timing of air masses meeting and intensity.

The positive, we are for sure about to get some rain. The unknown, exactly how much and how strong.

As usual, time will tell.


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There is a pretty big cold shot coming this Thursday and Friday. Pets will need to come inside. Long range is interesting but it's in fantasy land. December is going to be an interesting month. Hoping it's pointing to really interesting January and February.


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Folks in SOWEGA need to do you morning hunting today or Wednesday. Tomorrow will NOT be the morning to be out in the weather. Potential for gusty winds, lightning and maybe even a brief bounce and go spinny thing are possible.


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Might as well pile on while the piling is good.

Looking out to Dec. 23rd / 24th indications are it could get a little bumpy prior to yet another cold front moving into the SE. Parameters aren't all in place yet for too much of a severe outbreak, but the initial indicators are there. Yet once again there is also that "Ice" threat starting to show up for the transitional period of this event, between moisture exiting and cold air arrival. Timing is everything.