Decisions, decisions


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This day and age, we hear all about kids that make bad decisions, are unmotivated, want success without putting in the effort, etc., and very little about the good one's that have been raised right, put in the effort, and are rewarded with opportunities that they'll turn into success.

Congrats, 4Hand, to you and your Mrs., for raising one of the latter. I understand the anxiety, as my youngest is away at LSU for law school, and I was much less anxious when she was an hour and a half away at Athens.

You gave her the tools and taught her how to use them. Trust that she'll pick right.

All that said, it has not gone unnoticed to me that those on this forum seem to have turned out kids more of the well-rounded, responsible type than the statistical average of the general population. I appreciate being associated with such a group.


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Congrats,it's been awhile,but Tallahassee probably isn't much better,,,,


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Congrats, got to be a proud moment, it's my take that all big cities have their problems and problem areas. just have to know what they are and use your street smarts. I know as a parent that this has to be scary. We visit the store Augustine area alot and really like it don't know where the college is located but has to be close to there. Just tell her to be smart in her travels and be aware of her surroundings is about all you can do. Don't be jogging down shady streets alone like I see so many doing these days.