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A few more I ran across in an old photo album. Too bad we didn't have smart phones back in the 70s n 80s to snap pics at deer camp.

When the boys were growing up my wife would always take a pic of us headed out the opening day of archery season. This one is from around '90. Fun times!
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Gave both boys their first 'real' bow when they were 12 n 13. This is a pic of youngest son's bow on his 12th birthday. A Martin Lynx from Dan Quillian's Archery Traditions shop.
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Didn't take him long to connect on his 1st whitetail. This was a Sunday after church. We got home and he said he was headed behind the house to hunt. Within an hour I heard him hollering. Another great memory.
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This was 1994. Not sure why I remember this date so well but I had hung a new stand on the club we were in and that morning I decided not to go hunting. Boys headed out and oldest son sat my stand and doubled up that morning.
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We traveled to West Virginia each November to hunt with a buddy that had a cabin out in the middle of nowhere. It was near the forks of the Kanawha and Ohio rivers. Such a cool place with lots of memories over the years.
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Great post TC. And yes, I wish I'd had a quality camera during those early years of hunting as well.


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Got some of the camp before and after the tornado if I can find them, but this is my camper...even with the dent from the pine tree that fell on it during the tornado . There are a couple of more pictures that you have to click on the links to see...not sure why?

This is right after the tornado[/url]

This is before the tornado :


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how long does it take to put that thing up nic?

About 30 to 45 minutes. I can take it down in 15 or less. I`ve slept in when it was 17 degrees and that little fire keeps it warm as your own home. It`s also stood through 70 mph winds.
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OK boys we are in that dull spring and summer stretch here related to deer hunting. This is the most viewed thread on the forum with almost 89,000 views to date.

Post up some new camp pics. :type:
Sorry its a little pic heavy but me my wife and two kids were getting a little crowded in the camp so i decided to add onto my existing camp very happy with the turn out we should have plenty of room now, i will have a full size refrigerator a stove and counter top with sink on one end and couch recliner and wall mount fold up beds on the other of course a tv and cable box, i still have to run electric put in the insulation, then figure out what im going to do for the interior walls and exterior walls ive been going up working on it every chance i get any ideas are appreciated hope everybody enjoys!!!!



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My son and I joined a club last year in Warren Co. that had a pole barn already in place. Several members bring their own campers (my 5er would never make it ;) ) and I believe some are members of GON. Looks a little different now.
We now have power in place. :cheers:


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