Deer dead on the road, where and when?

From Love Joy on Highway 41 to Fort Valley 10 and growing ! (Actually-the ones along the road are no longer growing-but the total number hit is growing!!)
Also-9 from Love Joy on 41 south to 19 South at Griffin to Talbotton .....That number will increase a lot once you get below Thomaston-got to dodge them morning and night !


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285 E going down towards the airport.
2 dead on sugarloaf parkway in lawrenceville
1 dead on old Peachtree in Duluth


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Saw a dead buck on I20 between Villa Rica and Douglasville on East bound side and a Doe on West bound side on my return trip yesterday.
If anyone sees any "fresh" deer in gwinnett, Walton or Newton counties by all means pm me or call me at 706-231-6473 and my family and I would appreciate it! I've always wondered how to get the word out to folks so they could call me when there is a deer collision. I hate seeing deer wasted on side of road!!!
A buddy of mine said he threw a whole bottle of BFO out on 400 today right south of Dawsonville. Probably will be a pile of them stacked up there by morning
400 gonna look like Woodbury in the walking dead after all them dead deer pile up:smash:


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Bout 8 in Effingham county right now.

And prolly saw 20 from Sav to exit 336 on I-75