Deer sinew removal, tutorial and pics.


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This is the way I remove the backstrap sinew from a deer. Although the tool I`m usin` is made from a deer legbone, an dull butter knife will do. Don`t use a sharp blade knife though.

When you have the skin off the deer, make two cuts, one on either side of the backbone, all the way from one end of the backstrap, to the other end, let the blade slide against the bone. Then remove the thin membrane coverin` the entire area. You van see the sinew, it`s the silver tendon that lays on top of each backstrap. With the bone tool, insert it at the wide end of the sinew, just up from the hindguarter, and push it out throught the cut against the backbone. Grasp the tool with both hands, and put your thumbs firmly aginst the sinew. Work it free, up to the hindquarter first. Now work it free down towards the front shoulder. With a swift jerk, you can yank it free at the front shoulder. Then, cut it free at the hindquarter. Carefully scrape it clean of what little meat is lfet on it, set in the sun for an hour or two so it will dry. It will then be ready for use.

If any part of the process ain`t clear, just holler. There are around 27 pics, here so ya`ll hang on till I get em on here.



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Yea CAL, it won`t take but a couple of hours, at the most to dry good enough for use. Better keep it outa reach of varmints though. They`ll eat it up, right quick!

Also, even if you have no use for the sinew, it cleans up the backstrap so it`s ready to cook.


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David, Nugefan shot the deer, and T-Bug took all the pics. This was at the Muddyfest hunt this weekend.
Thanks Nic. Easier to understand when I see the pictures.
I am still ripping too much meat off the top of the loin. 0 for 2 lately for useable sinew, but it sure cleans up the loins.
The next one will be the charm. I'll dry and save the sinew for ya.


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Nic, thanks for the pics. I've been wanting to know about this. Still looking for that first deer but I'm trying to cram as many pics into my head as possible so I'm not too under-prepared when I finally shoot one.

Once dry, can you just store the sinew at room temp? Should you salt it or freeze it?



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Dan, once dry, it will be fine without doin` anything else to it.


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What are some of the better uses for sinew? I'm going to salvage the next one I get.