Defective BPS Fluorocarbon

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Heard there has been a recall on all BPS fluorocarbon due to a manufacturers defect. I was told that while in the process of making the line that the machine was nicking it every 30 yards making it break while fishing. Anyone heard of this? How long has this been going on? I use this line and haven't really noticed any breaking issues except for today. Lost a small spot and a pointer 78. Retied and about 10 casts later it broke again mid cast. Huuuuhhhh?
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Went to BPS today and asked one of the employees there and they said, yes, they have pulled all their recent BPS fluorocarbon and they said to bring it all back and that it is bad. They do not have any on the shelves right now. Take back all your bps fluorocarbon if you have bought any recently.
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Hey colbyjack, you really think they would put something as little as line on a recall list? If its not life or death it's not getting on their recall list.
That explains a lot....

I bought a spool of BPS Fluorocarbon 3 years ago and absolutely LOVED it. I bought a second spool the following year and replaced the old line on the same reels. I then proceeded to lose 4 spinner baits on the next two trips. They would just fly away on the cast. The line would snap and the lure kept going.

Hurt my feelings it did....and my wallet ! That line and those spinnerbaits were both "pricey" -- on the upper end of my budget limits for fishing gear.

After inspecting my rod tips and guides, I found nothing. I then decided that BPS had changed their manufacturing process and cheapened the line. Either way, I swore off of it forever. And after reading this, I see that they still have issues.
I thought that it was me. I have bought some and thought there was something wrong my rod or something


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I was thinking about getting this line to try but sure am glad I stuck with Sunline Super Sniper FC.Best i tried so far.