Delta waterfowl radio transmitter ringnecks

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If you don’t understand the title you should look it up. Delta, with the help of UGA trapped and put radio transmitters on ringneck hens in SW GA this past winter. They post updates weekly on social media at least. I found it interesting that one of the ringers is now in NW Saskatchewn Well into the tree line. I mean we are talking well over 2,000 miles away and across two flyways. Any ways I thought some other folks may find the study and maps interesting. Look it up.
It is neat to me how they all pretty much heading(save one) to all end up back up in central Canada. It would be interesting to see them do it to a ringneck from the Hill, Santee, or even somewhere along the cost to see if the majority of those birds headed a different direction to a different part of Canada.