Delton Lord ?


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I'm friends with him on Facebook.

He makes some pretty funny posts. Seems to be doing well.


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He's on Facebook way more then he was ever on Woodys...:D

Eddy M.

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some of us old timers just get tired of BULL and junk post and negative comments since this site has gotten so many new members- I bless the MOD's for what they do- I stopped logging in for a long time and when I returned it was read only--I post every now and then now
I'm one of the few people who just absolutely hates facebook. WAY TOO MUCH info some folks put out there. :eek:
I agree! I wonder about folks who broadcast that they're away from home.Can we say "burglary?":crazy:
There are good and bad people everywhere. The bad can be avoided, once you learn how.I used to say "Facebook is the debbil" until I found out what a great way it is to stay in touch with friends and family.There are many Woody's folks on there.