Democrats think they have Heaven's mandate to rule over us

They have become devil spawn and have nothing to do with heaven.
People think I'm crazy when I say the next civil war is coming. I'm not going to relish having the last laugh.
People think I'm crazy when I say the next civil war is coming. I'm not going to relish having the last laugh.
Some people have forgotten that our first revolution was sparked by economic tyranny, must like that being proposed by the leftist idiots of the DNC in my mind.
Democrats lie. That has been true since the first democrat ran for public office. It was true when Andrew Jackson was elected. It was still true when Obama was president.

Democrats are racist. It was true when Andrew Jackson forcibly removed Cherokee people from their homes and their sovereign lands, killing thousands in the process. It was still true when Obama caged thousands of underage illegal aliens while telling the world a drug using punk kid, killed while attacking someone Hispanic, was like him.

Democrats seek war against anyone weaker but blame others for the war. It was true of Andrew Jackson who fought anybody who was smaller or weaker, when he almost went to war with all of the Southeastern Nations of Native Americans. He even tried to go to war with South Carolina (over tariffs). It was still true when Obama sent more troops into Iraq and Afghanistan, but let Syria cross the "line in the sand" because Russia wasn't smaller or weaker.

Democrats care noting for the constitution. That was true when Andrew Jackson ignored the Legislative Branch and systematically destroyed the Second National Bank, and when he hired friends and co-conspirators into previously non political government offices (for a fee.) It was still true when Obama promised more flexibility with Russia and when Obama attempted to destroy a presidential candidate and later undermine his presidency.

Democrats started the 1860s war of Northern Aggression. It was democrats in the legislature who for 15 years had squeezed and attempted to impoverish the southern states at the behest of rich Northeastern industrialists, who set the stage for war. It was democrat appointed Union Army (state militia) generals who marched into Virginia to trounce the rebels (and failed miserably - twice).

Democrats started the wars that followed 9/11. While George W. Bush was president, and asked for authority to go into Afghanistan and later Irag, it was necessary because democrat Slick Willie Clinton refused to respond to the 1992 Yemen Hotel Bombings targeting US troops, the 1993 WTC bombing, the 1995 car bombing in Saudi Arabia targeting US troops, the 1998 bombings of US Embasseys in Kenya and Tanzania, or the 2000 attack on the USS Cole. Only after Al Qaeda had proven that the US would not respond to any provication (at least under a slime democrat) did the terror group plan and carry out 9/11. What choice did Bush have?

Democrats are starting another domestic war. From the day their picked crony capitalist candidate, Hillary, failed to steal the presidency, the democrats have been pushing for a war against what they perceive to be a weaker and unwilling opponent. Democrats actually want the constitution made irrelevant and a one party system in place to rule the people of the US. They think the GOP is in the way, but they are looking at the wrong opponent.

What democrat leaders do not seem to understand is that a very significant number of deplorable, gun and bible clinging people living in fly over country are perfectly willing to use their guns and spend their lives to protect and defend the constitution as it was intended to be. I sadly expect the next Democrat president to light the fires of that coming war and that we will see more democrat picked "war" leaders sending troops "trounce the rebels." I also expect that they will lose ugly again in the first battles. I pray that the socialist democrats fold like a Chinese fan when faced with millions of armed citizens, but that is something I cannot be sure of happening.

Pray for peace and load your scary black rifles.
More like Satan's mandate, if and when another Democrat gets elected to President, or if both house and Senate ever go majority Democrat, then it gets real, a civil uprising won't be far behind, if its gonna happen I hope it happens before I get too old to join in, lol
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The fight of big government vs liberty. Been waging since the inception of the country, and it's still going on. Big government won in '65 and we took a giant leap away from liberty, and enshrining big government power over us. It was decided then that we have no rights at all, other than those big government will allow us to exercise. Rights are no longer bestowed on us by God in an inalienable fashion, but dispensed by big government to us at their pleasure. And it was also decided that there is no check whatsoever on big government - there is no peaceful recourse whatsoever. So, it's festering again as big government's stooges start stirring the pot to take another giant leap leftward away from liberty and our God-given rights. Liberty has lost so much ground that defending what we have left against the ever-encroaching foes is sort of pitiful. God help us.