Diamond edge SB1

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Thoughts? Shop has it for 359 with the starter stuff.
My other bow is 20yr old and I tried the crossbow thing and didnt like it.
I wont spend a small fortune for a bow.
And I know folk have said buy a 1-2 yo used but I dont know enough about the higher money bows to know what is a good deal, plus is it a deal if I have to spend 100+ for a new sting or cables?
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Any thoughts on the guys in Social circle at the Ace? or the guys in snellville at the training center? as far as knowledge and customer support?
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Didnt spend a lot of time there the other day but they seemed knowledgeable and willing to help. I like the fact they were not trying to push a certain bow on me. Let me shoot one then answered a few questions and showed me a couple more bows. I hate to buy online but its a considerable savings.


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Sam bows archery in Ila,Ga. has the NEW Mathews Missions 19 Modles. Their a good starter for $$, Think He's even got some good used bows. He's not going too be open sat. Dec 1. He's in a friends wedding and will reopen Monday Dec. 3 . Give him a look , nothing wrong with them folks at SC HAREWEAR. Some folks still learning about where Sam Bows Archery is at 15 min. north of Athen's Hwy 106 and 15 min's south of I-85. There usually open on Sat 11 -3 r 4 pm I think. GO DAWG'S .


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Diamond makes a good bow. I had one of the bpw packages that they make for Bass Pro. I was smooth drawing and shot well. Killed several different critters with it. You don’t need a thousand dollar bow (which I have also)to kill deer.


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I'D go shoot a few . compare the equipment in the packages with the bows. Some of them are made for kids starting and some are a little better quality stuff for starters at a good price, Most starter bows don't have reliable strings, want name any package brand but seen more that 1 that bow's want stay in time. Just giving you some thoughts and no the 1K and up setups are for your more technical shooters . Theres some nice package deals that will work just fine. Best of luck too you.
I have the Diamond Infinite Edge. I bought it when I first started bow hunting, and figured once I got into it I would upgrade and let my wife or daughter have the infinite edge. Well, I'm still hunting with it because I love it. I might upgrade one day, but I really haven't found a reason to yet.
I have one too, killed deer and a pig. Shoots where I point it. I like mine.


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After hunting with a Bowtech Tribute for ten years (which I still have), I decided to get a new bow and got the Diamond Black Out (BPS). It shoots 30 fps faster and has a few more noise silencers than my old bow.
It's not the most popular or expensive, but shoots well and I've killed 5 deer with it this year.
The most important thing with any new bow is that it fits you and is set up correctly.
Both those archery shops mentioned are very knowledgeable.