Discharging firearm in city limits?

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I am looking to possibly set up my back lot for deer hunting next year, (3 acres) however it is technically inside the city limits of Dacula. Does anyone happen to know if there are any laws prohibiting the discharge of a firearm w/in the city limits? I am also trying to get an answer from the city.....
Their website doesn't show the local orderances prohibiting the discharge of firearms but I'm guessing that there is a local law which would prohibit you.
they do have a law against it i live in auburn and have the same one, i had a massive ten pointer walk thru my front yard and it was everything i could do to keep from shooting him. The shot would not have hit anyone,any houses or roads.

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I'd call the Police or Sheriff office and ask them ,but be sure to get the persons name that you talk to.Might want to consider archery or that might be your only option,three acres isn't much especially if theres houses close by.


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Yep I guarantee they have a law against it and its probably a felony.
I don't think city ordinances can be felonies.

Many cities do not have ordinances prohibiting discharging of firearms. Check with them (the city in question)and ask for a copy of the ordinance. Get the name of the person you deal with. I would call and talk to the city manager and/or city clerk to begin with. The city attorney might also be a good one to call.



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break out the stick and string no one will say a word


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500 feet between you and any structure in order to discharge a firearm, and 150 feet off a public road.

thats a COUNTY ordnance


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3 acres is not enough land to hunt with a gun. I own 3 1/2 acres and I can stand in the middle of it and see property line and houses in 3 directions from the wooded part of the land.The house and yard is about half acre and 3 acres of woods. I feed the deer and enjoy watching them but I do not hunt it. With children in neighborhood that may not know the property lines it could be very dangerous to be in their own yard. With only 3 acres and you are hunting in the very center of it how far is it to the property line? Use the bow. You need to make the neighbors aware of what you plan to do. If you have a deer leave you property and enter neighbors you have to have permission to enter their property to retrieve your deer, and they DO NOT have to grant you permission. If you hunt that close to my property with a rifle and the deer came onto my land I would just say thanks for providing meat for my family.
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