DIY Arrow Saw

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I’m looking into an arrow saw to help with making my own arrows. I currently cut my arrows with a tube cutter (I shoot aluminums) but want something I can do my own carbon arrows out of as well. Anybody make their own setup for this? I’ve researched commercially made models available from Basspro and other suppliers but I’m not sold on any of those yet
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Thanks for sharing. We are getting a Harbor Frieght in my town soon so I’ll be checking that out


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harbor frieght tool is perfect.


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x3 on the harbor freight "mini chop saw." I bought one last yr and put a dremel cutting disc on it and it works perfect. Only thing i need to do is hook up a vacuum to it to suck up the carbon dust


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I use the HF saw, but put one of the 3" cut off wheels on it. Had to remove blade guard though. Never thought about the dremel wheel. Good idea.