Do Timber Company's lease land in Georgia ?


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Grew up in Perry, worked there when P&G sold the mill and timberland, so pretty familiar with that property. Back in the 60's and 70's when I was growing up, you could ramble all over parts of 3 counties and hunt as you wished for a $10 annual "Buckeye Permit". Back then, it was a lot of hunting, none of it great. They instituted clubs in 1994 after the land changed hands - I'm sure it has improved some to have limited access.
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Yup , My Neighbors told me about that Buckeye pass.
I think I'm on the largest Hunting Lease in the USA..
But back to the orginal question , why do the Timber company's break all their land down to small parcels for hunting. Should be able to lease large blocks...
Seems like it would cut down on club problems . We really don't have any member drama cause you can hunt 10 miles away on the same dirt road.
We could make a 100acre playground for all Billy Bobs kids and it'd be fine.
Noise from kids and 4 wheelers if the deer don,t hear it all the time will for sure shy them away.
I have the Privilege of hunting about 2 miles from Trucks Gone Wild in smoke pole season. Them deer don't leave the woods when 1000 HP Monster trucks fire up but they sure do go to ..Looking over their shoulders real quick , And I never seen one walking towards the noise.
Mind you , that's one weekend a year so it's disconcerting to them , a lot...