Do Y'all Eat Hartwell Fish?

Not unless ya wanna glow in the dark, never could figure out why so many Striper fishermen in SC had learning disabilities.

The general rule is don't eat fish from contaminated waters that are over 1 year old - PCB's (or other toxins) accumulate in the lateral line of all fish (thats where the fatty tissue is and what the fish uses as ears), in Striper, Hybrids and White Bass its delineated by the red line on the outside of a fillet -

And yes pollution IS a major problem and far too many waterways in the US are damaged by careless dumping - its bad all over the country not just Georgia - there are signs up in Tennessee along the TN river that say don't eat fish period, as well you can travel all the way up into Maine and see pretty much the same thing - PCB's in the Coosa River are just as bad below Rome GA, and is the primary reason that the old Floyd County Lock was not rebuilt.

On the plus side it allows for some trophy fish to grow.


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It's sad but true....However, the true danger depends with how much fish you eat on a regular basis and the risk are far greater when you eat the older/larger fish especially those that tend to feed on bottom as that is where the PCB's lies. There's no way to remove the pcb's from the soil.

This is old news that's only being brought to surface because of the new campaign to bring fishermen into GA.
If you look at the DNR site, it has had this information posted for years, and its in the fishing regs that are printed each year.

Hardly news.

I suspect that there are very few people who would eat enough fish often enough for it to be an issue.

I've eaten fish from there and intend to do so again.
It is news to me and my dad has a lake house on Hartwell. Luckly I never catch enough to actually make a meal out of Hartwell fish. :bounce:

You'd have to be eating [the contaminated fish] more than once a month to increase cancer risk, and over a 30-year period," said Randy Manning, the state's toxicologist.
Actually, that is not too often for those who live on the lake. I know guys who eat fish from the lake once a week or so during the fishing months.
been eaiting stripers out of hartwell all my life, a friend who used to be a fishing guide there told me clemson studies showed that you would have to eat an incredable amout of fish to be affected. Also said that most of the pcbs would be found in the stomach lining and fat of a fish. I'll try to find a source for this claim.


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If you look at the DNR site, it has had this information posted for years, and its in the fishing regs that are printed each year.
Yes, this isn't exactly breaking news, and the AJC ususally has a slant to things. In this case I don't think they liked so much money being used to build launching ramps around the state. I'm sure they would like to see the money spent elsewhere. Such as the election funds of the politicians they endorse.


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Been eating fish out of Lake Hartwell all my life,I can not wait til the Crappie go to bitting.


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I dont

And it 's not from the PCB's,it's cause I cant catch any...::ke: :banginghe
i have heard back years ago about mercury in hartwell. that may be pcb i dont know:huh: . ive also heard the samethat its about about eating large quantities.