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eat with your cap on or off?
I wasn't allowed to wear a cap at the table.My Mom said it was disrespectful to the blessing of having food to eat.At 60 I still can't and don't eat with my cap on.It doesn't matter whether I am at home ,at a restrant,or out in the woods.Mothers teaching has really stuck with me.Just wondering what others think or practice.


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Nope. Three things I was taught, at a very young age.

1. Never talk or peek while the blessing is being said.

2. Never waste food.

3. Remove the hat before you sit down.

The other table manners kinda came naturally around my parents. :)


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I forget sometimes...but NEVER when Mama is around!!! ;)

On a similar note...I had my picture taken for the local newspaper when the team I coach won region that year in baseball. I put on a starched white shirt and tie for the picture, but left the baseball cap on! :)


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If I'm eating at somones house or even my own I take it off. If I'm in a resturant I generally do not take it off. If it's a nice resturant I won't have a hat on in the first place. I see it as more a sign of respect for the person or house. I was never made to do it as a child. Just kinda picked it up.



If'n I got mine on......

It comes off while at the table.....

I was also taught to say "YES SIR and YES MAAM"........

NEVER, EVER "YEAH" and "NO"!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, I'd get it but good if I said those "2" words to my parents...... :( :(


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I was taught not to sit at the table with my hat on.

However, I didn't learn very well!

If I am somewhere that reverance should be shown, I take my hat off out of respect for others.

Otherwise, I'm more comfortable with my hat on so........
When i grew up and sat down at the table with my ball cap on it was promptly slapped off by my dad. That happen a few times only. Now to this day if i go over to the parents house the Cap comes off. If i am at my house the cap stays on, if i go out to eat it comes off or anyone elses house it comes off.


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Only at my house or as a guest at someone else's house. Not out in public.

I usually get severe hat head after wearing one for even a little while.
My bald head is not pretty but I never eat at home or in a restaurant with a hat on.

I probably would at an outdoor picnic.


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there was a thread started about this a couple of weeks ago......maybe you should check it out before starting anotherfacepalm:



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I think it was Sinclair.

He itching for a banding!!!!!


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what happened to CAL? , he was a nice feller.....
Not only do I not wear a hat at the table, I don't put the hat on the table either.
Also don't come to the table bare footed or shirtless or with a wife beater on.
Yes sir, I've got those down now.
Oh, and would not dream of touching the silverware before Pop said the blessing.
That one was a good way to miss a meal.


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I eat where, when and how I am when hungry. I wear what I want or not at my own house.

I am stocking up on diet Pepsi with aspartame to prepare for the coming shortage.


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Never wear a cover indoors...
^^^^^^^^This right here..

When a roof is overhead, remove the cap/hat/head gear. I never wear a ball cap anyways, but during the rainy season, I do wear a western hat { NOT a ten gallon mud bucket}. But any time I am indoors, I remove it.

Since we are talking about the dinner table, would you sit at the table to eat while not wearing a shirt??? I see it all the time, but can't do that.