Dockery Lake


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Trout is what they stock it with. Also some bream, and channel cats in there. Probably a few big ol bass too.
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After fishing on/off all weekend only caught a couple of small bream. Saw 2 people catch a few small stocker trout and many more with no luck. Doubt any bass in the lake with the salamander population, they were all over the shoreline. Anything I put on the bottom came back covered in slimy algae. Beautiful camp ground, plan on going back to fish Coopers and Dicks creeks.


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Sad news for sure. My wife grew up camping up there with her family all the time some 35 years ago. We went up couple years ago as well as last year just to get out. It really saddened her to how it looks now vs. back then. She has told me many storys of all the trout her family used to catch up there. I would suggest a small float, maybe even a clear one. When we walked around the lake it seems there was a big rock or rock wall on the shallow side. We were standing there and looked down and 2 trout were suspended near the bank in that grass looking stuff.