Does anyone know how the fishing is going in Steinhatchee,

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heading down next week for a few days of relaxation and fishing inshore does anyone know how the fishing has been lately and what they are biting on. Use to catch them with Gulps then Live Target and live pinfish any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated. Thanks, Chuck


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Just got off the water a couple of hours ago. Took my canoe way up a creek to get away from the crowds. Got 3 reds and 2 trout. Both trout were 18" and the biggest red was 26.5. The other 2 were 24.5 and 24. Got one massive blow up on top water, but got all the fish on cut pinfish. You will find plenty of trout in the normal spots but the keepers are a little tough to find. Potty doc is right, they are starting to move offshore. Make some long drifts and don't be afraid to move around a bunch.


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Just got back from Keaton Beach... The bite is good at daybreak, but tappers off quickly. We started out in 4-5' of water, but when that first bite is over you have to mover out to 7-8'. We limited on trout and caught several sea bass. No reds anywhere that we seen. We fished pinfish only. This was my first trip, but the guys me and my dad were with said we did good for the heat we were in. A little chop made all the difference as well.